The roof hook system with sheet metal replacement tile

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The XM-P roof hook system offers effortless installation of photovoltaic systems on tiled roofs. The sheet metal replacement tile of this system eliminates several steps in preparation and installation. It is variable and speeds up the installation of PV systems enormously.

The innovative concept impresses with flexible and stable components. The design prevents rubbing between hook and sheet metal tile from the ground up. The forces of the roof hook are transferred into the rafters via the suspended support base. The load is transferred to the substructure by the shortest possible route, thus ensuring maximum stability.

  • Can be used for all roof batten sizes
  • Very high load capacity
  • Everything from a single source
  • No processing of the roof tiles necessary
  • Optimal roof integration
  • Increased yield due to optimal rear ventilation of the PV modules

Standard composite

By default, the PV modules are mounted in Portrait Mode (portrait format) directly on the base rails.

Cross connector

The installation of modules in landscape mode can be implemented using additional rails. These are attached directly to the standard base rails using the XPN cross connector.

Heavy-duty roof hook

The sturdy roof hook is made of stainless steel and its innovative design allows enormously high snow loads.

Support base

The "staircase serration" allows the support base to be adjusted to the height of the roof batten without tools.


The aluminium profile rail is the central component, which offers a high static load-bearing capacity thanks to its optimized shape. All three mounting rails are available in lengths of 1980 mm, 3550 mm, 4750 mm and 5850 mm and are also available in black.

CLE10/CLM10 module clamps

The PV modules are held in place using the universal click clamp with integrated grounding pins. The multi-system clamp is height-adjustable between 30 - 46 mm and can be conveniently clicked into place. The end clamp has a length of 60 mm. The clamps are also available in black.


Sheet metal replacement tile

The basis of the system consists of several types of roof tiles. Thanks to its flexible design, the system can be used for any roof superstructure. A sheet metal replacement tile is available for almost all roofing tiles available on the market. Precise manufacturing provides a high fitting accuracy and promises an exact connection to the neighboring roof tiles.

An overview of all available tile types can be found here:  Download

Cross connector

The cross connector bracket can be used to connect mounting rails together, allowing for additional alignments and positions of the PV modules. The cross connector is also available in black.

Installation is as simple as can be: The heavy-duty support bracket is easily screwed through the stainless sheet metal replacement tile into the rafters below using self-tapping wood screws. The X40 ⁄ X50 mounting rails can be effortlessly connected to the roof hook. This design allows the hook to slide on the roof tile, which greatly facilitates optimal positioning above the rafters.

End cap for mounting rails

For the neat covering of the open mounting rails as well as for the aesthetic enhancement of the PV system, we offer the optional end caps made of UV-stabilized polyamide.


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CompactPITCH XM-P cross-connection

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