The company was founded by Mathias Muther from Röns (Vorarlber/AT) in 2012. The company grew quickly, specializing in the production of aerodynamic base structures for the photovoltaic industry. The company focused on manufacturing and selling PV base structures for flat roofs with no direct connection. Today, our product portfolio also includes fastening solutions for pitched roofs or ground-mounted units.

Structural design and wind and snow load calculations are completed in proprietary 3D engineering software. We invested in our first company building in Satteins in 2015, bringing our offices and production together. As we increased our business activities in the USA, we founded our first American branch office. Singapore followed later on. 

We installed a Management Board in 2018 to govern our corporate development. We also broke ground for the new main building in Satteins that same year. The 2 million EUR investment will be completed in June 2019. AEROCOMPACT currently employs approx. 50 staff members.






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