New roof hook system with sheet metal replacement tile


Flexible PV mounting system for pitched roofs with high pressure loads for optimal and fast installation on roofs.

Because of their shape, conventional roof hooks for tiled roofs can only dissipate loads onto roof substructures to a limited extent. The new CompactPITCH XM-P series for pitched roofs, on the other hand, combines roof hooks and sheet metal replacement tiles. Due to its design, the heavy-duty stainless steel bracket can be positioned directly on a purlin in the direction of force and can withstand snow loads of up to 4.7 kN.

It can be fastened with two wooden screws through the metal roof tiles onto the rafters underneath. The roof hook can be moved on the roof tile, which allows it to be positioned optimally over rafters, onto which force can be directly applied.


Heavy-duty support bracket allows force to be applied directly

Thanks to its flexible position on the tile, the stable roof hook allows force to be directly applied to the rafters. As a result, very high pressure loads (snow or wind loads) can be absorbed.

Installation is very simple:
The roof hook is fastened with wooden screws through the stainless metal roof tile onto the rafters underneath and can be easily connected to the X40 ⁄ X50 mounting rails. The solar modules are then attached to the roof hook with the help of the click terminals with integrated earth pin.


Processing of the roof tiles is not required

With the help of our XM-P roof hook system, several steps can be left out during installation. For example, installers no longer have to process or prepare the bricks using angle grinders. This is because stainless steel replacement tiles made of sheet metal are available for almost all commercially available roof tiles. Thanks to the perfect fit, they can be accurately attached to adjacent roof tiles.


Suitable for all roof batten heights

A suspended support base guides the forces of the roof hook over the shortest possible way onto the rafters and ensures maximum stability. Thanks to its step toothing, the support base can be adapted to the height of the roof battens without tools.

This system works for all roof batten heights on pitched roofs, so the use of different roof hooks is no longer required.


A quick look at the advantages of this system:

  • Can manage very high snow loads (up to 4.7 kN)
  • The processing of roof tiles is not required
  • Suitable for all roof batten heights
  • Accelerated and flexible installation
  • Direct application of force onto the rafters
  • CE approval (when using all XM-P system components)
  • Can be planned in the AeroTOOL software


Further information on our CompactPITCH XM-P system solution can be found here.


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