Compact, tested base construction for single-sided elevated ground-mounted PV modules.

The ground-mounted, aerodynamic system offers outstanding structural properties and requires significantly less ballast than other systems on the market. Thanks to the unique “spring effect” of the stand, the base structure adapts optimally to surface conditions. 

Installation requires no pile drivers or heavy machinery. CompactGROUND G uses ballast weights, but can also be installed using the optional ground screw.

All base constructions for the CompactGROUND family are saved in our 3D engineering software AEROTool. The AEROCOMPACT Customer Center can issue clear and competent project reports based on empirical data.


Efficient pile driving system for ground mount

The RAM product range was specially developed to meet the global requirements of an efficient ground mount pile driving system. In addition to high-quality materials and an ergonomic design, the area of short assembly times was also considered as a main criterion.

  • numerous cable routing options within the system
  • fast module fastening with click clamps
  • shortest assembly times
  • optimized statics for maximum efficiency
  • two-foot system for maximum system performance

Efficient. Simple. Safe.

The CompactGROUND RAM series combines well thought-out design, high-quality materials and customer-oriented thinking with "efficiency in detail".

Best structural design

  • optimal use of materials adapted to the project site
  • verifiable statics according to Eurocode (calculated individually for each project)
  • snow load calculation according to EN 1991 - 1 - 3
  • wind load calculation according to EN 1991 - 1 - 4
  • calculation of the supporting forces to determine the embedment depth

Geoglogical surveys if required

  • determination of the soil mechanical parameters
  • chemical analysis of the soil
  • calculation of the embedment depth of the pile-driven foundations
  • recommendations for foundation design in general
  • recommendations regarding corrosion protection

Corrosion protection

  • high-quality strip galvanizing according to EN 10346
  • coating optionally with zinc Z600 (42 μm) - Z1200 (85 μm)
  • coating optionally with zinc - magnesium ZM310 - ZM1000
  • determination of the protection period of the coating (ISO 9223)
  • corrosion protection in almost all soil classes
  • corrosion protection in all corrosion classes (C1 - CX)
  • cooperation with Fraunhofer ISE in the field of corrosion protection
  • additional coating options (powder coating, epoxy resin)

CompactGROUND RAM 2.1

The RAM 2.1 two-foot system for south and east/west installations is available in three standard configurations:

  • RAM 2.1-6x4*
  • RAM 2.1-5x4*
  • RAM 2.1-4x4*

*module arrangement / other arrangements on request


CompactGROUND RAM 1.1

The vertical as well as horizontal module arrangement in the RAM 1.1 single-foot system increases the application possibilities and lowers the system costs.


CompactGROUND RAM 2.2

The two-foot RAM 2.2 system is suitable for table lengths of up to 30 meters and module inclinations of 10 to 25 degrees.



COMPACTGROUND G is our new South aligned ground mounted system with a tilt between 15° and 20°. As the fastest ground-mounted system on the market, it can also be loaded into a truck up to 700 kWp. The system is installed with ground anchors or ballast stones.

Advantages at a glance

  • No ramming and no heavy machinery
  • Now with ground screw for fast installation and cost savings


COMPACTGROUND Gplus is our new East/West aligned ground mounted system with a tilt of 10° and a ground clearance of 40 cm. The East/West alignment allows up to 30 % more modules to be installed in the same space. The system is installed with ground anchors or ballast stones.

Advantages at a glance

  • The optimal solution for limited space
  • Now with ground screw for fast installation and cost savings



Ground-mounted System G+ East/West
Ground-mounted system G


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