Solar racking for PV systems on pitched roofs

With few primary components, the CompactPITCH product family offers an outstanding price-performance ratio. The simple installation of the smart system saves time and resources while offering an inexpensive system price.

CompactPITCH XW The hanger bolts read more

CompactPITCH XW is a rail-based racking system for framed or frameless PV modules on corrugated sheet metal, trapezoidal sheet metal or sandwich sheet metal roofs, as well as on corrugated fibre cement panels. In this impressively coherent concept the central structural element is
the aluminium mounting rail, which offers a higher static load-bearing capacity due to its distinctive triangular shape.

All benefits at a glance

  • Modular mounting rail system
  • Height-adjustable rails
  • High static stability
  • Long thread for height adjustment
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • 25-year product warranty

1. Mounting rail

The very high static load-bearing capacity of the aluminium X40 and X50 mounting rails is achieved via a distinctive triangular shape. Both product versions are also available in black.

2. Click clamp

The PV modules can be affixed to the mounting rails using the click clamp with integrated earthing pins. The universal clamp for all systems is height-adjustable from 30 – 46 mm and can be conveniently clicked into place.

3. CompactPITCH XW

The original, already proven CompactPITCH XW product version will continue to be the solution for roof installations in areas with little snow.

4. The hanger bolt

The rail sits on a sturdy hanger bolt, which ensures a firm connection to the roof. A long, metric thread on the hanger bolt allows the whole system to be mounted horizontally and to compensate for any unevenness.

5. The hammer head screw

The standard version has a hammer head screw and nut. Installation is quick and easy at any position of the rail without threading at the end of the rail.



  • CompactPITCH XW & XWS - Leaflet endeitnl
  • CompactPITCH XW & XWS - Checklist endeesitus
  • CompactPITCH XW - Assembly instructions ende
  • CompactPITCH XWS - Assembly instructions ende

CompactPITCH XM-P The sheet metal replacement tile read more

The XM-P roof hook system offers effortless installation of photovoltaic systems on tiled roofs. AEROCOMPACT’s XM-P sheet metal replacement tile eliminates several steps in preparation and installation. It is flexible, fast and saves a lot of time. It greatly speeds up the installation of PV systems. The innovative concept impresses with its flexible and stable components. Due to its design, the heavy-duty stainless steel bracket can be positioned directly on a purlin in the direction of force and can withstand snow loads of up to 4.7 kN. 

All benefits at a glance

  • Can be used for all roof batten sizes
  • Extremely high load capacity
  • Everything from a single source
  • No preparation of the roof tiles required
  • 25-year product warranty
  • Optimal roof integration

1. Heavy-duty bracket for all XM-P metal tiles

The sturdy roof hook is made of stainless steel and enables enormously high snow loads due to its innovative design. The installation is very simple. It is easily fastened with wood screws through the non-rusting metal roof tile into the rafters below. The X40 ⁄ 50 mounting rails can be connected to the roof hook with ease.

The design also allows the hook to slide on the roof tile, which greatly facilitates optimal positioning over the rafters.

2. Support socket for all XM-P metal tiles

The loads of the roof hook are transferred to the rafter via the supplied support socket. No tools are needed with the „staircase serration“ to adjust the support socket to the height of the roof batten. The load is applied to the substructure in the most direct way possible, thus ensuring maximum stability.

3. Metal tiles

The basis of the system consists of several types of roof tiles. With its flexible design, the system can therefore be used for any roof structure. An aluminum roof tile is available for almost all standard roof tiles. Precise manufacturing provides a high accuracy of fit and promises an exact match with the adjacent roof tiles.

Other tile types possible after consultation.

4. Click clamp

The PV modules can be attached to the X40 ⁄ X50 support rail using the click clamp with integrated grounding pins. The system-wide universal clamp is height-adjustable between 30 – 46 mm and can be conveniently clicked into place.

5. Attachement

Optimal attachment of the X40 ⁄ X50-mounting rail

6. Fixation screws

Only 2 self-drilling screws are necessary for assembly.



  • CompactPITCH XT & XM-P - Checklist ende
  • CompactPITCH XM-P - Leaflet endenl
  • CompactPITCH XM-P - Assembly instruction ende

CompactPITCH XT35-VLOW The quick-assembly-hook read more

For mediterranean tile types and particularly flat roof battens

The XT-VLOW quick mounting hook delivers what it promises - fast and powerful mounting options with high flexibility and multiple adjustment options. For roofing with mission tiles or for applications with low roof battens such as Portuguese, the aluminum hook can fully maximize all its possibilities. The roof hook is a member of the CompactPITCH product family and is compatible with all X-mounting rails and components from the modular system. The XT-VLOW quick-assembly hook is stored and programmable in the planning and engineering software AeroTOOL.

The 3-in-1 hook

Centered base plate

with mounting screw

The fastening of the base plate is fixed by wood screws. Fine adjustment of the hook is made by moving it horizontally along one of the two guide planes. The final fastening is done with a single wood screw. This pulls the hook towards the base plate and prevents it from moving laterally. This function can be used at both guide levels.

Decentralized base plate

with positioning screw

If decentralized mounting of the base plate is necessary, this can be done quickly and easily. Wood screws are used to attach the cantilever base plate to the substructure. The decentralized fastening of the roof hook is done with a threaded pin with an internal hexagon included in the delivery. This is fixed in the base plate by tightening. Shifting in a lateral direction is thus no longer possible.

Base plate fixing in concrete

The base plate can be anchored in concrete without any problems using the appropriate concrete anchoring technology. The positioning screw is used to easily control the lateral positioning. Height adjustability is also unrestricted on concrete surfaces.

The quick mounting hook

1. The CL quick release adapter - When it has to go even faster! In this case, the XT35-VLOW roof hook with pre-mounted quick-release CL adapter is available as an alternative. It is able to accommodate all X-mounting rails quickly and conveniently using the innovative click mechanism.

2. Positioning - With the help of the integrated guides in the base plate, lateral adjustment is made easy. For height adjustment, one of the two guides can be used for height adjustment.

3. Attachment - For final fixing, a single screw is sufficient to utilize the full static capacity of the hook.

4. Height adjustment - Unlike standard roof hooks for PV systems on pitched roofs, the XT35-VLOW has two vertical positions instead of the usual plates with serrations and screws. This design saves installers on the roof a lot of time adjusting the hooks in relation to each other.

Extra flat base plate

The base plate of the roof hook has a height of 20 mm. This flat design allows the roof hook to be used with particularly flat battens. These properties make the XT35-VLOW particularly suitable for roof coverings such as mission or Portuguese.

Selection of fastening screws

Fastening screws and positioning screws are available as accessories for the XT-VLOW quick-assembly hook. All three positioning options are possible with these screws.

A. Fastening screw  for simultaneous positioning and mounting of the roof hook.

B. Positioning  screw for positioning the roof hook for decentralized base plate and for concrete anchoring.

  • Simplified fastening possibility

  • For typical mediterranean tiled roofs

  • Suitable for flat roof battens

  • Mountable on concrete subfloor

  • Flexible and fast installation

  • Can be planned in the Aerotool software



  • CompactPITCH XT - Checklist ende
  • CompactPITCH XT35-VLOW - Leaflet endeitnl
  • CompactPITCH XT35-VLOW - Assembly instructions ende

CompactPITCH XT The roof hooks read more

The CompactPITCH XT system with the X - profile rails offers better structural load-bearing capacity with less material than common square rail systems. The associated module clamps are available with a click mount for faster assembly, and with slot nut as a less expensive alternative. The clamps are available with or without earthing pins. The profile rails are offered in 4.2 and 6.2 meter lengths. Alternatively, clamps and profile rails are also available in black.

The Versions

The roof hooks



  • CompactPITCH XT & XM-P - Leaflet de
  • CompactPITCH XT - Assembly instructions ende
  • CompactPITCH XT - Checklist endeesitus

Assembly videosread more

Pitched roof System X crown tile
Pitched roof System X concrete tile

Accessoriesread more


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