Cross-system Click Clamp

Click clamp is not click clamp. The difference is in the details.

Due to the optimized spring legs and the preformed click area an easy assembly is possible. The retaining ring makes the positioning of the PV modules easier. Due to the massive pressure piece, there is a clamping and form-firm connection with the mounting bracket. The stable clamp has two pins which break through the anodized layer and thus enable a good electrical contact and grounding. They also counteract the high torque and allow for easy positioning, thus ensuring greater safety during dynamic mounting.

The popular flat roof bracket system uses only two types, the end and middle clamp. This saves storage costs and the installer always has the right clamp at hand. The click clamp is the heart and forms a stable unit with the substructure.


Profit for the purchaser

  • Cost savings due to reduced inventory
  • Only 3 types
  • Cross-System



  • Elastic deformation of the clamping piece ensures the clamping force of the screw so that it does not come loose.
  • Robust clamping piece

Increased performance for the customer

  • System compatibility: Always the right clamp with you
  • Soft spring legs: Effortless assembly
  • Massive design of the click part (jamming and "straightening" when screwing) as well as screw guidance through formed thread. Stiffness of the connection of the substructure (bracket system)
  • Retaining ring: positioning aid for module mounting
  • Robust design (S-System end clamp 80mm), 2 pins for the S-System end clamp. Allows dynamic assembly (cordless screwdriver)
  • CLE10+


    AEROCOMPACT click-clamp for PV module racking on endpositions. 80 mm width, 30-46 mm adjustable with integrated grounding pins. For Bracketbased CompactFLAT System. 

    CLE10+back: Also available in black. 

  • CLE10


    AEROCOMPACT click-clamp for PV module racking on endpositions. 60 mm width, 30-46 mm adjustable with integrated grounding pins.

    CLE10back: Also available in black. 

  • CLM10


    AEROCOMPACT click-clamp for PV module racking at midpositions. 60 mm width, 30-46 mm adjustable with integrated grounding pins.

    CLM10back: Also available in black. 

Optimierte Klickkleme


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