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Climate change is the central challenge of our generation. We are convinced that solar technology is the energy form of the future. With our products, services and the proprietary digital platform AEROTOOL, we are driving forward the global energy transition and thus decarbonization. Sustainability is a commitment - not only in the development of innovative products and solutions - but also throughout the entire company. We are still a young company that is growing dynamically - and so is our responsibility. We have set ourselves the goal of gradually developing a holistic sustainability concept for the AEROCOMPACT GROUP and integrating it as an integral part of our growth strategy. To this end, we are seeking dialog with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers in order to align AEROCOMPACT in a forward-looking and sustainable manner with a view to environmental protection, social responsibility and good corporate governance.

We are already making our contribution as a sustainable company:


Solar power systems are installed at our production sites in Vorarlberg and contribute to the new generation of green energy. Further installations on our buildings are already in progress or planned for the near future.


We are a CARBON FOOTPRINT certified company. AEROCOMPACT has offset the company's CO2 emissions for 2021 to 2023 by purchasing certificates from the "UN CER PV Indinia+Gold Standard PV India" project.

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In order to restore power supply through green energy even after environmental disasters in crisis regions, AEROCOMPACT founder Mathias Muther launched the charity project "Solar Power Aid" in 2022.


Aerodynamic substructures for the photovoltaic industry

AEROCOMPACT was founded in 2014 in Vorarlberg, Austria and has since evolved into a global player in the solar industry. Through the unique combination of engineering expertise, the digital platform AEROTOOL and a global market access, we occupy a leading market position in Austria and beyond. With our innovations, we make a significant contribution to global decarbonization.


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