COMPACTMETAL TR2 MWFrankenförde, Germany

Complex statics, sensitive roof cladding: We master all challenges.

Recommended By Panel Manufacturers


Patented System For Sandwich Panel Roofs

The Berlin-based solar company securenergy GmbH has installed our COMPACTMETAL TR rail system on two new-built halls in Brandenburg. Covering an area of nearly 10,000 square meters, the approximately 4,600 modules produce nearly 2 megawatts.

Stable Solution

Our patented support concept is recommended by many panel manufacturers because it provides excellent protection for the roof cladding even under difficult conditions. "The statics were very complex," reports Johann Egger. Normally, therefore, the project manager at securenergy would have taken a short rail. With sandwich panels, however, this is not readily possible because the layers can separate from each other if the substructure is screwed directly to the top layer of the panels.

In addition, the purlin spacing of up to three meters was too large for a short rail. "We needed a stable solution that could withstand high snow and wind loads. The AEROCOMPACT system convinced us," he explains.

Self-Supporting Construction

Our patented COMPACTMETAL TR fastening system is the first solution on the market that neither stresses nor damages sandwich panels. We accomplish this because we connect our rail directly to the purlin below with self-drilling support screws. The PV substructure is fully supported by the screws.

Compressive and tensile forces due to wind or snow do not reach the panels with our concept, which prevents leaks or loosening of the outer shell. Spacers guarantee that the distance between the rail and the roof is maintained evenly.

Quickly Installed

The installation effort is very manageable. "We were 30 percent faster than expected. That surprised us very positively," project manager Egger is pleased to say, adding, "The solution combines the advantages of easy manageability and fast installation from the world of short rails with outstanding stability."

Plant data:

  • Location: Nuthe-Urstromtal (Brandenburg)
  • Planning: securenergy GmbH, Berlin
  • Number of installed modules: 4,654
  • Plant output: 1,861.6 kWp
  • Designed area: 8,946.78 m2
  • Roof pitch: 15 degrees
  • Roof covering: sandwich panels
  • Substructure: COMPACTMETAL TR rail system (TR59, TR74) with system-specific components, CLM10/CLE10 middle and end clamps