Safety and efficiency play a key role in photovoltaic systems.

Wind tunnel tests are absolutely essential in order to be able to make precise and detailed statements about the ballasting requirements of a PV flat roof system. For this reason, Aerocompact® Racking Systems are measured at regular intervals in the boundary layer wind tunnel of the IFI Institute in Aachen.

In the 1:40/50 model, underpressure and overpressure situations are collected and stored when the roof is partially occupied. These empirical data have a direct effect on the calculations of the AEROTool software. A simulation in CFD (Computer Fluid Design) would be far too unprecise and would also not be permitted according to the applicable standard for engineering structures. (DIN EN 1991-1-4).

With the Aerotool software, photovoltaic systems with the Aerocompact® attachment system can be planned quickly, easily, and with great detail. The software creates an editable CAD design drawing and a visual representation of the roof layout with satellite images from Google Maps.

Visualization and planning software

  • Google Maps roof layout and recording of roof dimensions
  • Fast and easy project review and planning
  • Structural calculations according to EN standards for each project
  • Consideration of shadows
  • Central project management
  • Planning reliability
  • Save resources and minimize errors
  • Layout and assembly plan for each project
  • Custom planning with
  • bill of materials output

Mandar Mainde

Sales Manager India

Intro to Aerotool

Realistic simulations, offer and planning preparation without on-site appointments.

The integration of Google Maps allows users to create the offer and complete planning without inspecting the property, saving time and man hours. The software uses the calculated roof layout to generate a materials list with detailed bills of materials, which can be edited later on by the planner. In addition, the customer receives a systematic structural analysis conforming to standards and regulations with the offer.

Planning, design, and project support are provided by in-house AEROSERVICES specialists or the AEROEPC Team.

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