Sandwich SHEET metal roof system

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The patented COMPACTMETAL TR system is a self-supporting long rail PV substructure for roof-parallel mounting of PV modules on sandwich panel roofs. The innovative fastening concept for safe force application into the substructure is recommended by renowned sandwich panel manufacturers. The protected static algorithm in AEROTOOL prevents overloading of the sandwich roofing – even with the highest snow loads.

The clearly structured concept of the system makes it easy to understand and thus minimizes installation errors.

By using innovative and patented components from the COMPACTMETAL modular system, the PV modules are only activated up to their approved load limit. The main actor of the system is the TR long rail, which can absorb loads over large distances.

Wind loads are absorbed exclusively by the sandwich fasteners and the rail. Snow loads are transferred directly into the substructure via a patented support concept.

A proprietary structural algorithm regulates the maximum permissible support load at the intermediate supports. Intermediate support positions are determined statically and prevent the rail from touching the roof. Damage to the panel is thus avoided.

  • Withstands high snow and wind loads
  • Self-supporting system
  • Permit-free due to panel manufacturer
  • Recommended by panel manufacturers
  • Proven safety and quality
  • Patented support system

The challenge

A common way of attaching PV systems to sandwich panels is to screw the substructure directly onto the top layer of the panels with thin sheet metal screws. The interaction of forces caused by snow and wind can in the long run lead to permanent damage to the upper level.

The result is leakage, detachment of the outer shell and the resulting “static uncertainty”. Sandwich panel manufacturers report of extensive damage to building roofs.

The solution

AEROCOMPACT has developed a revolutionary fastening solution for PV modules on sandwich sheet metal roofs. By using innovative and patented components from the CompactMETAL modular system, the panels are only activated up to their permitted load limit.

The main role in the system is assumed by the TR long rail, which can assume loads over large distances. Wind loads are only absorbed via the sandwich fasteners and the rail. Snow loads are introduced directly into the substructure using a patented support concept. A patented structural algorithm regulates the maximum permissible bearing load for the intermediate bearings.

Intermediate support positions are statically determined and prevent the rail from touching the roof. This prevents damage to the panel. Self-tapping screws make assembly quick, easy and efficient. The clearly structured concept of the system is easy to understand and assembly errors are therefore minimized. Only self-tapping screws are used.

The algorithm

  • Area loads resulting from snow, wind and dead weight are converted into point loads via defined supports.
  • Transfer of compressive and tensile forces into the purlins, of compressive forces via intelligently defined intermediate bearings into the roof covering (load management).
  • The distance remaining between the module girder (TR74/ TR59) and the roof covering due to the respective deflections is decisive for the settlement of intermediate bearings.
  • The static calculation is carried out for a lower and an upper limit value of the sandwich panel stiffness in each case - the less favorable case is decisive for each support reaction
  • This determines the number of bolts required
  • Depending on the utilization of the system, additional module rails (TR74 / TR59) are placed and the optimization calculation is performed again until all static verifications are fulfilled.

1 Patentedload introduction over the screw heads of the sandwich fasteners.

2 The TR15 sandwich bridge with spacer and integrated rubber seal is positioned on the raised bead.

3 TR rail with optimized profile cross-section for large spans.

4 Optional thrust bearing (dual load distribution management)

5 The self-drilling screw takes the loads from the long rail and transfers them directly to the substructure. The panel is relieved. Suitable for wooden and steel purlins.

CLE10/CLM10 module clamps

The PV modules are held in place using the universal click clamp with integrated grounding pins. The multi-system clamp is height-adjustable between 30 - 46 mm and can be conveniently clicked into place. The end clamp has a length of 60 mm. The clamps are also available in black.


TR59 rail

Used for reduced snow load. It is 15 mm lower than the TR74 rail.

TR74 Rail

Used for high wind and snow loads. It is 15 mm higher than the TR59 rail.


TR Self drilling screw

SP20 Spacer sleeve

MSS 6x25 Thin Sheet Screw

By using only self-tapping screws, the installation of the PV mounting system is fast, easy and efficient.

TR59 Rail connector


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Snow and wind load

CompactMETAL TR74

  • Snow and wind load: High

CompactMETAL TR59

  • Snow and wind load: Normal