COMPACTFLAT SN 2 – The mounting system for even larger PV modules


The perfect complement to our existing bracket-based flat roof system COMPACTFLAT S.

The COMPACTFLAT SN 2 is based oh the previous system an now allows even larger PV modules to be used. The flexible, oil-based modular system offers a solution for every conceivable flat roof application and enables short-side and long-side clamping. The same components are used in the south-facing system as in the East/west-facing-system.



The steadily growing size of modules poses particular challenges for manufacturers of racking systems. Reliable and flexible racking systems that don‘t just withstand heavy snowfall and severe wind, but also offer a quick and uncomplicated mounting and thus save costs during assembly, are seeing more demand than ever.



The trimmed-down product concept for the COMPACTFLAT SN 2 is impressive due to its high load-bearing capacity and resistance to extreme weather conditions. This cost-optimized system can be quickly and easily attached to flat roofs in just a few simple steps. It now allows PV module sizes of up to 2,384 x 1,303 mm. Having improved the individual assembled components, only a single technician is required to install the racking system. This effectively saves both time and costs during assembly.

East/west-facing modules (SN 2 PLUS) with long-side clamping and long rail tructure

South-facing modules (SN 2 PLUS) with short-side clamping and short rail structure



  • Module sizes up to 2,384 x 1,303 mm
  • Low point loads
  • Short-side and long-side clamping
  • Suitable for high wind and snow loads
  • Flexible system with few components
  • Preassembled components, plug & play


For more information about our COMPACTFLAT SN 2, please click here.