We are rethinking the future and will be showing numerous innovations and new products at Intersolar Europe, such as the COMPACTPITCH XM-F REPTILE.

With the new COMPACTPITCH XM-F REP-TILE tile replacement solution, AEROCOMPACT once again proves its pioneering role in the field of innovative substructure solutions for PV systems.

Compared to common replacement tile solutions, it has succeeded in rethinking expensive and inflexible sealing components with an integrated solution. The patent-pending labyrinth-style seal allows the position of the roof hook on the cover plate to be freely selected, thus guaranteeing the application of force directly above the rafter. The installation and material costs, i.e. the project costs, are massively reduced compared to standard market solutions.

Other highlights at the world's leading trade fair for the solar industry include our new COMPACTPITCH X60 mounting rail. The rail is even stronger than its predecessor versions, which is why it is easy to walk on during installation. Because it also allows greater spacing between roof hooks, the number of roof hooks can be reduced, which cuts costs and reduces installation times.


A perfect fit: AEROCOMPACT's COMPACT PITCH XM-F PV mounting system includes colored cover plates


Fall protection and lightning protection for flat roofs

For the COMPACTFLAT SN2 flat-roof rail system, we have developed a fall protection system together with our partner INNOTECH that is suitable for all variants of the long rail system - regardless of whether it has a clamp on the short or long side. The space-saving fall protection can be attached directly to the rails of the SN2 system.

We will also be presenting a new cable management system and a new lightning protection system for the SN2 substructure at our booth. While the clip system speeds up the fixing of cables to the substructure, the new lightning protection system provides more safety. It can either be integrated into an existing system or protects against lightning strikes as a new lightning protection system. By integrating the COMPACTFLAT SN 2 flat roof system into a lightning protection system, a higher utilization of the available roof area is achieved.


Installers secured against falling: With the new rope system in cooperation with INNOTECH.


Roof hooks and clips for pitched roofs

The soon-to-be-released COMPACTPITCH XT-R roof hook is supplied as standard with a click-on quick-mounting attachment for rail connection. The quick mounting attachment is an integral part of the roof hook, reducing complexity in production. Using the finite element method, a numerical calculation method, we have optimized and reduced the amount of material used for the new hook. New cable clips, which can be easily attached to the rail or module frame, will facilitate cable routing in pitched roof installation in the future.


Fixed: With the clip system, the cables can be fixed to the substructure.


Higher trapezoidal sheet metal short rail

For the trapezoidal sheet metal short rail system, we have developed the COMPACTMETAL TSE15 short rail with a height of 80 millimeters. The higher rail provides better rear ventilation for the PV system, which increases its efficiency. This was previously only possible with the combination of a short rail with additional elevation. A more efficient and simple installation is achieved using TSE15.


AEROCOMPACT at Intersolar Europe

Our company will be presenting its new products at the world's leading trade fair for the solar industry, Intersolar Europe, in Munich from June 14-16. Visitors will find us in hall A6, booth number 560.