Totalphütte at 2,385 m

10 kWpVandans, Austria

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Snow and wind proof PV mounting system for high alpine shelter 

PV mounting solutions manufacturer AEROCOMPACT has planned a solar power system for the Totalphütte in Vorarlberg, Austria, and sponsored mounting solutions and services worth several thousand euros. An avalanche destroyed the high-alpine refuge, including the solar panel installation, in early 2019. After rebuilding the hut, the company 'Strom vom Dach', who specializes in extreme PV construction sites, set up the 10 kWp PV system.


Snow loads of up to 1,400 KG per square meter

The hut of the Austrian Alpine Club is located at an altitude of 2,385 meters and has to withstand snow loads of up to 1,400 kilograms per square meter. "This is not a problem for AEROCOMPACT systems,“ says Michael Anker, managing director of 'Strom vom Dach'. He adds: "We use AEROCOMPACT products exclusively. The service is amazing. They support us in any situation, and there are solutions for all possible problems and applications.“


Alpine version with ice-proof cable guide

Technicians have installed the rail-based AEROCOMPACT mounting system CompactPITCH on the metal roof of the Totalphütte. The optimized shape of the X50 aluminum profile rail provides a high static load-bearing capacity. An ice-proof cable guide protects the energy system against cold and ice. The roof-parallel installation ensures good rear ventilation of the 32 southfacing solar modules. The grid-connected solar system of the hut, which is used only in summer, covers about half of the continuous power demand. An air-to-water heat pump and surplus solar power generate thermal energy.