Solar racking for PV modules on metal roofs

The AEROCOMPACTCompactMETAL are specially selected and designed products, suitable for all metal roof types. The corresponding module clamps are available in the click-on version for faster assembly. The clamps are available with and without earthing pins.

CompactMETAL TR Sandwich PV read more

The patented CompactMETAL TR system is a self-supporting long rail PV substructure for sandwich sheet metal roofs. The innovative fastening concept for the safe introduction of forces into the substructure is recommended by well-known sandwich panel manufacturers. The protected static algorithm in the AeroTOOL prevents the sandwich covering from being overloaded - even with the highest snow loads.

All benefits at a glance

  • Patented support system
  • For high snow and wind loads
  • Self-supporting system
  • Recommended by panel manufacturers
  • No approval by panel manufacturers needed
  • Safety and quality tested

The Challenge

A common way of attaching PV systems to sandwich panels is to screw the substructure directly onto the top layer of the panels with thin sheet metal screws. The interaction of forces caused by snow and wind can in the long run lead to permanent damage to the upper level.

The result is leakage, detachment of the outer shell and the resulting “static uncertainty”. Sandwich panel manufacturers report
of extensive damage to building roofs.

The Solution

AEROCOMPACT® has developed a revolutionary fastening solution for PV modules on sandwich sheet metal roofs. By using innovative and patented components from the CompactMETAL modular system, the panels are only activated up to their permitted load limit.

The main role in the system is assumed by the TR long rail, which can assume loads over large distances. Wind loads are only absorbed via the sandwich fasteners and the rail. Snow loads are introduced directly into the substructure using a patented support concept. A patented structural algorithm regulates the maximum permissible bearing load for the intermediate bearings.

Intermediate support positions are statically determined and prevent the rail from touching the roof. This prevents damage to the panel. Self-tapping screws make assembly quick, easy and efficient. The clearly structured concept of the system is easy to understand and assembly errors are therefore minimized. Only self-tapping screws are used.

The Versions



  • CompactMETAL TR - Leaflet endeitnl
  • CompactMETAL TR - Checklist ende
  • CompactMETAL TR - Assembly instruction ende

CompactMETAL TM Seam clamps series read more

With the standing seam series CompactMETAL TM, the installation of PV modules on practically all seam sheet roof types is possible. Clamps with the pre-assembled short rail are designed for direct fastening of PV modules. By optionally attaching the X40 ⁄ X50-mounting rail, the alignment of the modules is also possible in portrait mode (portrait format).

Metal roofs
  • For high snow and wind loads

  • Extremely high holding forces

  • Module-bearing clamp

  • Portrait assembly possible

  • Penetration-free assembly

  • Form-fitting connection

The Versions

The Seam clamps

Trademark reference

Registered trademarks, by company: DS Stahl GmbH; BEMO SYSTEMS GmbH; Kalzip GmbH; Aluform System GmbH & Co. KG; Zambelli Holding GmbH; DOMICO Dach-, Wand- und Fassadensysteme KG; BLUESCOPE STEEL LIMITED; Safintra South Africa (Pty) Ltd; DMI Building Products (M) Sdn Bhd.; 10 PREFA Aluminiumprodukte GmbH; 11 RHEINZINK AUSTRIA GMBH; 12 Astron Buildings GmbH



  • CompactMETAL - Checklist endeit
  • CompactMETAL TM - Leaflet endenl
  • CompactMETAL TM - Assembly instruction ende
  • CompactMETAL TM - Checklist ende

CompactMETAL TS Trapezoidal sheet roof short rail system read more

The CompactMETAL TS08 and TS15 are our trapezoidal sheet short rails with the best price-performance rate. The rails are pre-assembled with sealing tape.

The Versions



  • CompactMETAL - Checklist endeit
  • CompactMETAL TS - Assembly instruction ende

CompactMETAL TL Trapezoidal sheet roof short bridge system read more

The CompactMETAL TL25 and TL38 trapezoidal sheet bridges are for longitudinal and transverse mounting. The bridges are pre-assembled with sealing tape.

The Versions



  • CompactMETAL - Checklist endeit
  • CompactMETAL TL - Assembly instruction ende

Assembly videosread more

  • Installation TL38 trapezoidal sheet bridge (basic structure)

  • Installation TL38 trapezoidal sheet bridge (50 mm distance between module and roof)

  • Installation TL38 trapezoidal sheet bridge (5-7° pitched)

  • Installation TS08 trapezoidal short rail (basic structure)

  • Installation TS08 trapezoidal short rail (50 mm distance between module and roof)

  • Installation TS08 trapezoidal short rail (5-7° pitched)

Accessoriesread more


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